Eric Vanier is a Musician/Drummer from Windsor Ontario who currently studies at Humber College of Creative and Performing Arts. At the end of his first year at Humber, he received the 2019 "Mark Kelso Percussion Award" for a student who has demonstrated the most improvement over the year. In his second year, he was the drummer for the Humber Studio Jazz Big Band Ensemble led by Mark Promane one of Humber's top ensembles. He is currently twenty years old and has been playing drums for over ten years. Eric's main strength is his ability to adapt to whatever environment he is placed into. Whether it be Jazz, Funk, RnB, Fusion, Latin, Country, Rock or anything in-between, Eric will adjust himself to the situation. He is in multiple groups and loves to write and produce music as well. He's played on 3 studio albums and continues to release music with his indie title Midnight Metro. He is a true omnivore of music who loves to play and endlessly enjoys the opportunity for limitless expression.


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